Aaron Rodgers Clavicle Fracture

Aaron Rodgers just suffered a broken collarbone of his throwing shoulder.  The collarbone, or clavicle, is one of the most commonly fractured bones in the body.  It can occur from a fall onto and outstretched arm or direct trauma to the shoulder.  Most midshaft clavicle fractures can be treated nonoperatively – in a sling for a couple weeks, followed by physical therapy.  If the fracture is significantly displaced or shortened, then surgery may be a good option.  Shortened fractures of more than 2cm are known to cause decreased shoulder strength and functionality, especially noticeable in manual laborers or athletes.  Surgery is most commonly performed utilizing plates and screws and generally yields excellent results.  Rehabilitation is similar, with use of a sling for a week or two, followed by physical therapy.  Recovery may be a bit quicker and less painful, but nonsurgical treatment avoids potential rare complications associated with surgery.  Decision for surgery is based on a number of patient and fracture specific factors.  Decision to proceed with surgery will be one made after discussion with your surgeon.  Aaron Rodgers, either way, will likely miss the remainder of the season unfortunately.